showers, showering, showered
1) N-COUNT A shower is a device for washing yourself. It consists of a pipe which ends in a flat cover with a lot of holes in it so that water comes out in a spray.

She heard him turn on the shower.

2) N-COUNT A shower is a small enclosed area containing a shower.
3) N-COUNT The showers or the shower in a place such as a sports centre is the area containing showers.

The showers are a mess...

We all stood in the women's shower.

4) N-COUNT If you have a shower, you wash yourself by standing under a spray of water from a shower.

I think I'll have a shower before dinner...

She took two showers a day.

5) VERB If you shower, you wash yourself by standing under a spray of water from a shower.

There wasn't time to shower or change clothes.

6) N-COUNT A shower is a short period of rain, especially light rain.

There'll be bright or sunny spells and scattered showers this afternoon.

7) N-COUNT: usu N of n You can refer to a lot of things that are falling as a shower of them.

Showers of sparks flew in all directions.

...a shower of meteorites.

8) VERB: usu passive If you are showered with a lot of small objects or pieces, they are scattered over you.

[be V-ed with n] They were showered with rice in the traditional manner...

[be V-ed with n] Mr Reagan was showered with glass.

9) VERB If you shower a person with presents or kisses, you give them a lot of presents or kisses in a very generous and extravagant way.

[V n with n] He showered her with emeralds and furs...

[V n with n] Her parents showered her with kisses.

10) N-COUNT A shower is a party or celebration at which the guests bring gifts. [mainly AM]

...a bridal shower.

...a baby shower..

11) N-SING: usu sing, oft N of n (disapproval) If you refer to a group of people as a particular kind of shower, you disapprove of them. [BRITISH, INFORMAL]

...a shower of wasters.

English dictionary. 2008.

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